Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Hardwood Flooring for Pet Owners

If you have small kids or pets at home, you might believe that installing wood floors is an impractical fantasy. After all, dings, scratches, spills, and messes will probably be inevitable. But does that mean you should avoid hardwood floors completely?

Not at all. To begin with, hardwood is resistant to spills as long as they are addressed straight away. And there are lots of options available to realistic homeowners who know they won't be able to maintain their flooring in pristine condition. The key is selecting the most appropriate flooring.

There are several factors to consider when looking for the appearance and longevity of hardwood floors yet need the capability to take the wear and tear. Some timber species, by way of example, are harder and more resistant to abrasion than many others. Some styles of flooring will conceal scrapes and pet hair greater. And a few textures and finishes may even make the dings appear dull.

Let us take a peek at a few of the ways parents and pet-owners -- or perhaps only people who anticipate high traffic -- may have great-looking hardwood flooring without having to constantly worry over them.


One excellent -- and currently fashionable -- choice for people who fear they will be unable to maintain their floors looking pristine is to apply one of a range of kinds of texturing. Texturing, as you may suspect, involves various methods to add feel to a floor.

Hand-Scraping and Wire-Brushing

Hand-scraping and wire-brushing are just two texturing methods that make a more rustic look. The end result can help mask any damage brought on by high traffic and pets. Pet hair and dirt are also less visible.


If you prefer the outdated look, you may also consider distressed floors. Distressing wood entails adding those marks, holes, and scrapes most homeowners seek to avoid. This helps attain a naturally-aged, lived-in look. And it clearly helps mask any damage from kids and pets.

Reclaimed Wood

Another style that has been trending for some time is reclaimed wood flooring. Engineered wood is lumber that's been salvaged from old buildings and repurposed to incorporate classic character to some other flooring. Pet hair and minor dings are not as likely to show on reclaimed timber, and it often has an attractive all-natural patina that could make it more resistant to scratching.


When choosing flooring to your space, a critical aspect to consider is the hardness of the timber. Generally, the harder the wood is, the less likely it's to be scratched or dented. Very hard woods are best for high-traffic places, whereas softwoods may wish to be avoided.

To discover how hard a particular species of timber is, you'll want to look at its Janka rating. This dimension indicates the amount of pounds of force necessary to push a 0.444-inch steel ball bearing halfway into a board. Therefore, the greater the Janka rating, the more difficult the wood species is.

This wood species are among the more popular and durable hardwoods used in flooring.

Red and White Oak

The two most well-known species of hardwood for flooring from the USA are red oak and white oak. Both species are tough enough to resist a fair amount of abrasion, yet are still easy to operate with. This combined with their prosperity helps make either species a more cost-effective option for high-wear homes. Additionally, quarter-sawn timber of both species have"beams" of grain (especially white oak) that are aesthetically pleasing and also can help mask minor dings and furry hair. Red oak has a Janka rating of 1,290 while white walnut has a score of 1,360.

Hard Maple

Also called black maple or sugar maple, hard maple is -- as its name suggests -- a very tough domestic wood species. It's heavy, powerful, and extremely resistant to wear. Hard maple has a Janka rating of 1,450.


Hickory is an extremely hard wood that is abundant in the USA. Hickory is less commonly used for floors as there's a wide variation in color patterns from plank to plank. While hickory isn't a fantastic alternative for people who seek uniformity of look, its extreme durability can help withstand damage. What's more, its broad color variation will go a long way toward masking that damage if it does happen. Hickory has a Janka rating of 1,820

Exotic Hardwoods

Some of the hardest woods in the world are located in tropical climates. All these are lumped together

in the USA under the overall heading of"exotic hardwoods." A few of these wood species are less commonly used for floors as a result of their higher price and lower availability. Yet their hardness makes them very resistant to wear, and their appealing colour and grain variation can also help mask minor marring.

Some favorite tropical species (ordered according to Janka rating) include sapele (1,500); merbau (1654); padauk (1,725); santos mahogany (2,200); jatoba, also called Brazilian cherry (2,820); ipe (3,510), teak (3,540), and cumaru (3540).


Along with texture and hardness, the style of flooring you choose can influence how visible abrasions and stains will be. A somewhat"outside the box" solution to high-wear homes would be to forego plank flooring in favor of parquet. Parquet flooring is installed by arranging small, uniform pieces of timber into repeating patterns across a floor.

While nothing regarding parquet makes it naturally more resistant to marring (again, that is more a consequence of hardness), the lively, replicating patterns of parquet will obviously divert from any minor dings and scrapes. This is much like the way a stain is not as noticeable on a shirt than on a simple one.

Character-Grade Woods

Character-grade forests are woods which are obviously marked with mineral streaks, knots, wormholes, and other"imperfections" On species like character grade white pine, as an instance, marring is not as noticeable among the markers that are abundant. Character-grade woods are frequently a good lower-cost solution for anyone looking for a rustic look. Softer species can also develop a natural patina fairly quickly, which both improves wear resistance and makes a floor more aesthetically pleasing.


If you are worried that, despite your best attempts, your floors will nevertheless be marred by heavy wear, then think about a periodic refinish/screening. Though refinishing won't remove all scratches and dents, it will partly fill them in and make them far less visible.

Think about a high-quality, low-gloss oil finish. This will offer you the look of new floors without the price and hassle of a replacement. In fact, with oil endings you need not refinish the entire floor -- partial oil refinishes can be performed on high-traffic regions to get your floors looking like new .

When choosing a finish, elect for matte. Not only is this on tendency, but any scrapes, dents, discoloration, and pet hair that might seem will be much less visible than on a shiny finish.

Floors for the Whole Family

The type of flooring that's ideal for your pet-friendly, high-traffic house will ultimately depend on the appearance you're going for, your finances, and your family situation.

Because of this, it is important to consult with experienced professionals. The expert artisans at Oshkosh Designs will work with you to think of the perfect floor design for your space. Call us today -- we'd like to hear about your dream flooring, your kids, and your pets!

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


You're a Kensington Area homeowner worried about dust. Whether you are asthmatic, sensitive to scents or allergens, or just obsessed with breathing in fresh, clean air (maybe you spent a number of years at Kensington Area, and you never, ever, ever want to inhale anything like the smog down there), you will need reassurance that hardwood flooring remodeling will leave your space comparatively clean and without any glitches that will cause you to sneeze...or even worse.

Two Alternatives for Dust Free Cleaning and Living

1) Atomic Dust Containment Trailer System (DCS) from Bona

The team at Floor Sanding Kensington Requires the Atomic Dust Containment Trailer System (DCS) from Bona. We searched long and difficult to come across the most effective, cutting edge dust containment system, and we are convinced that the"Atomic Trailer" system is best of breed. This extraction method succeeds in removing 99 percent of dust generated during the sanding process.

If you are on a tighter budget, then we invite you to have a look at our basic dust containment system. This system will extract between 80 percent and 85% of dust at a discounted rate.

Know the Risks and Benefits of Remodeling

Our staff understands how important it is for you to keep your family safe and healthy during remodeling. We're happy to talk to you about our dust containment systems operate and about what you can do to secure your possessions, pets, children, and more.

Bottom line: it's possible to remodel your space safely, cost-efficiently, and beautifully, given the appropriate technology, systems, and processes. Let our diamond-certified Kensington Area hardwood flooring refinishing staff help you find the right solutions for your design and remodeling needs.

Telephone us at 020 3369 0675. We offer free inspections and estimates in Kensington region. Watch our video of the Atomic dust-free sanding process here at www.kensington-floor-sanding.co.uk/ .

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Getting A Prime Look With Rustic Wood Flooring

In precisely the exact same manner that high street fashion shops attain designer looks in a fraction of the purchase price of the likes of Chanel and Dior, there is no reason why you can not attain a prime appearance with rustic hardwood floors . In this blog article we will briefly discuss with you the vital differences between the various ranges of timber flooring and we'll go to give you some fantastic ideas of ways to receive a prime hardwood flooring look in a rustic cost tag.

When timber is lumbered, it's sorted into one of four distinct grades based on the way it appears and how much sap it comprises. Prime standard hardwood floors , as its name implies is timber flooring that is manufactured from prime grade wood. Exceptionally consistent in its own grain and its own colour, prime grade hardwood comprises almost no knots and small or no sap.

Rustic grade wood floors on the other hand is made from rustic grade wood and is quite inconsistent in its own grain and colour in addition to containing a high number of knots and solid. When it comes to price, you should expect to pay more for prime grade hardwood flooring compared to rustic grade. It's this cost difference that brings many people to rustic tier wood flooring.

If your budget is forcing one to choose rustic grade hardwood flooring however you want a prime look, what do you do to bridge the difference?

Here are 4 great suggestions:

- Opt for hardwood floors and with confidence.

- Choose signature furniture pieces that stand out.

- Strategically place rugs to draw attention away from the floor.

- Select an aged or distressed option to add further interest.

Opt for Hardwood Floors and with Assurance

Like everything in life, it is not a fantastic strategy to purchase something wishing you had been able to manage something different. If you shop around for rustic hardwood floors you will surely have the ability to detect an on-budget option that can tick all the boxes of your wish list. And when you've decided, you must stick with it and confidently. In the conclusion of the afternoon, there is no point in devoting the enjoyment that you gain from purchasing a brand new Ford simply because you can not afford a Ferrari!

Pick signature furniture pieces Which stand out

When you select rustic hardwood floors and need your area to have a prime appearance, a fantastic
idea would be to choose or exhibit a few seriously appealing pieces of furniture. It can be that you just love classic and chubby for a weary but gorgeous leather coat chair or even a chesterfield. Or when it is layout you are after, just one bit of the likes of Ligne Roset will raise your space to a completely different level. The likes of Ikea frequently has bits which punch well above their weightloss. Should you are feeling ever so slightly your flooring is underselling your space, a little investment in a fashionable piece of furniture may save the day and provide you the prime appearance you truly want.

Strategically place rugs to draw Attention from the Ground

Clever use of carpeting will add real interest and charm that will lift your rustic floor to fresh heights. Regardless of whether you choose an animal skin, an antique a simple, bold colored affair, you truly can get creative with rugs. However, 1 thing to bear in mind when you are adding rugs to your inside is to make sure they're slip resistant. You can accomplish this easily and quickly by adding an anti-slip safety strip to the rear of the rug.

Select an Obsolete or distressed Choice to add Additional Attention

If you are ever so slightly frustrated at just getting adequate funding for a rustic flooring, if you opt for a flooring option having an intriguing end, then you definitely won't be disappointed for longterm.

So as you can see, it is comparatively simple to acquire a prime appearance with rustic hardwood floors; all you will need is a small amount of creativity and perhaps a few ideas from a specialist. If you would like more floor ideas, do not hesitate to get in contact. At Kensington Floor Sanding. We enjoy merely sharing our thoughts with our customers to help them get the maximum in their floors investment.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Real Oak Flooring - How Shade Can Complement Or Contrast Your Interior

Just about everybody knows that colors create feeling and provoke feelings. Even from a really young age, by way of instance, we associate red with risk. However, what people frequently forget about is that in a pure color palette you will find a whole range of subtle color differences which could change the whole look and texture of the room. Real bamboo flooring spans from nearly white to dark brown in its normal condition, but smart use of unique finishes means the colors of bamboo flooring that you find on the market span even wider.

Within this guide we would like to inspire one to determine how it is possible to match and contrast your own inside and make a wide assortment of various moods and feelings.

Sunny and Enjoyable

If you'd like your area to feel as though it's been kissed from the midday sunlight or whether you would like to liven up a room, you need to opt for a honey toned, blond flooring to perform the trick. This one specifically, a natural engineered walnut that's had a non-visible UV lacquered implemented, works across the house and will leave you feeling as though you are dancing throughout a sun-kissed sandy beach beside the sea. Additionally, it benefits from becoming click system, therefore it is a cinch to match.

Warm and romantic

Reds and oranges suggest warmth and intimacy and those engineered bamboo floors that has been smoked, communicates both these items and a whole lot more. Its hot rusty tone is reminiscent of forest floors in the fall time and it promises to deliver real warmth and intimacy to any room in your property. Pick to blend it with light coloured walls or to contrast it with the furnishings and walls for a very dramatic effect.

Comfy and protected

Brown flooring similar to this one do not just evoke relaxation and security, they create a true connection with nature. This natural engineered oak eco friendly ocean smoked and UV oiled flooring won't disappoint no matter which room you're re-looking. No matter what you decide to mix it with, your room will take on a completely new look and feel when you present this flooring. Opt for this solution for virtually any room, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or go all out and have it as your flooring option throughout the house. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

Pure and ageless

White and incredibly mild flooring are pure and timeless. A lot of men and women shy away from such a light colored option, but the great thing about wood flooring is the ease of maintenance. This prime engineered bamboo floor that is called Kensington white and has been UV oiled will breathe purity and timelessness into any setting you decide to put it. Having an almost chalky look to its end, it's reminiscent of whitewashed floors of decades gone by and it'll lighten and brighten even the dullest room in your house. Another fantastic thing about this solution is that it produces a real feeling of distance when fitted in tiny rooms.

Fashionable and serene

Grey wood flooring isn't only a fantastic half-way house for anyone who is unsure whether they want

black or white, yet still need a monochrome texture to their room, it's stylish and calm to boot. A flooring colour which, with the ideal imagination, works equally well in traditional and contemporary settings.

Stylish and luxurious

Black is synonymous with charm, style and class. It a color that is found in some of the world's most lavish brands and famous people's wardrobes. And wood flooring is not any different. If you want style, charm and class, this reclaimed engineered walnut black floor that's been UV oiled is hard to beat. What's more, the UV filter from the oil will help make sure that it remains as black from the future as it is today.

Regardless of what emotion you'd love to excite in your area, whether or not you want complementary colours or contrasting combinations, we've got a wood flooring solution to match. In Floor Sanding Kensington we pride ourselves not only on our knowledge of all things wood flooring, but also on the imagination and creativity we must be certain that to get the most from your hardwood flooring budget. Why not get in touch to find out what we can add to your next job?

Thursday, 24 October 2019

What do I use to re-oil my wooden floor?

A hardwood floor can persist for a lifetime if it is looked after properly. One element of looking after your flooring may be to re-oil the surface from time to time. How often you'll need to do this will depend on the type of hardwood flooring you've got and how frequently it's used. By way of instance, in case you have an Oak floor that's utilized on a daily basis in a busy area, you might want to re-oil the surface every 5-10 years.

What's the best product for re-oiling my flooring?

We frequently get asked'what is the best product to re-oil my hardwood flooring?' We'd always suggest using Osmo Polyx Oil. It's been created and made using natural oils and waxes to give a solid and durable protective coating to your hardwood flooring. It will help to accent the wood's natural grain pattern and characteristics.

There are four different finishes to choose from:

Semi Matt

If you're seeking an oil to put in a small color tint into a hardwood flooring, then we'd advise utilizing Osmo Polyx Oil Tints. This oil has the very same advantages of the Original Osmo Polyx Oil, however you will find various colored tints to select from. This item permits you to be creative and may revamp the appearance of your hardwood flooring. The choice of color tints are:

Light Grey

Which are the advantages of utilizing Osmo Polyx Oil to re-oil my hardwood flooring?

Additionally, the surface of the flooring is going to be guarded.
Additionally, Osmo Polyx Oil is dirt and water resistant.
The pure character of the timber is going to be improved.
It provides a breathable finish that won't crack, flake or peel.
Ultimately, there's not any need to sand your flooring for future programs.
Always read the goods complete directions and advice before using.

Monday, 10 September 2018


If you recently added a conservatory to your home, you're likely mulling over the choices open to you personally for your new flooring. Conservatories can be used during any time in the year and from using a stone floor it can be quite cold underfoot. But by having hardwood flooring with underlay, your feet will not feel the chilly whilst you are enjoying the sun on your conservatory or seeing your kids play on your backyard.

Hardwood flooring would look perfect in your new conservatory and it would add a natural appearance in the latest addition to your home. Hardwood flooring comes in a range of different colours depending on the wood that you decide to go with. Whether you choose maple, walnut or walnut, you won't be disappointed with just how amazing your new hardwood flooring looks.

So as to have a professional finish on your new hardwood flooring, employing a hardwood flooring expert to put your new floors will guarantee that it looks spectacular and using a top excellent finish.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Since we've been talking, some scratching into the surface of the hardwood flooring is to be expected, but more noticeable harm could be prevented by taking care when using the flooring. When the scratches are deeper and more prevalent, then it's advisable to talk to the pros about getting the floor repaired.

Some minor scratches may be able to be repaired by yourself. The following ideas should allow you to know what should and not be considered in regards to fixing a wooden floor.

With most kinds of hardwood flooring, you have to be cautious not to make the problem worse. Understanding the basics is necessary before going forward with any repair job.

To begin with, it's worth noting that quite small scratches can often be concealed without a lot of trouble. There are various techniques that may be used in this respect. But you should certainly leave any gouges to the timber flooring experts to form out. In extreme situations, an whole board may require replacement.

Depending on the sort of finish to your wooden floor, this can affect the most suitable way to go about scratch repair. So make sure to understand whether a wax finish, hardwax oil or whether it had a urethane finish was applied to the ground.